Keysearch API

Keysearch offers a very simple GET API for retrieving lists and difficulty scores.

API is for internal use only and not for resale


Return keywords in a list with associated data$UUB553ece21K*r5hAaU&list=tennis

Return keyword difficulty data:$UUB553ece21K*r5hAaU&difficulty=tennis+balls&cr=us

*The difficulty API will not return realtime searches. This API is meant to access keyword difficulty data for keywords already searched within your account.
Name Type Description
key string User's unique API Key used for authentication. Each user has a unique API Key within their account dashboard
list string Enter the name of a saved list. This will return all keywords in the list with associated volume, CPC, PPC and keyword difficulty score.

difficulty string Enter a keyword. This will return the associated volume, CPC, PPC & difficulty score for the keyword. It will also return the top 10 search results found with full analysis data in json format.

cr string This parameter is used to set the location when doing difficulty searches. If the location is not set it will default to (us)

all = All Locations/Uses
us = United States
uk = United Kingdom
ar = Argentina
au = Australia
at = Austria
be = Belgium
br = Brazil
ca = Canada
co = Colombia
cz = Czech Republic
dk = Denmark
fi = Finland
fr = France
de = Germany
hk = Hong Kong
hu = Hungary
in = India
id = Indonesia
ie = Ireland
il = Israel
it = Italy
jp = Japan
my = Malaysia
mx = Mexico
nl = Netherlands
nz = New Zealand
no = Norway
pl = Poland
ro = Romania
ru = Russia
sg = Singapore
sk = Slovakia
es = Spain
se = Sweden
ch = Switzerland
th = Thailand
tr = Turkey
vn = Vietnam

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