New Design, More Features and More of Everything!

We’re very excited to ring in the new year with a freshly updated Keysearch user interface with more features and well… just more of everything! In addition to the beautiful re-design we are upgrading all plans and giving more research credits and keywords tracked! Happy 2017! Lets dive in and take a look at some of the changes and new features.

Full Redesign

The first thing you’ll notice is our new updated design. You’ll have all the familiar features that keysearch always offered but now in a much more modern, updated design.


One of the big differences of this design is our new “Search Trends” chart. We’ve ditched the old Google Trends charts and now tap into their new, more accurate trend information. Giving you the highest quality search trend info out there. Of course you also have the Deep Analysis option, bulk keyword difficulty check, keyword compare, keyword lists and export options as always.

Far Superior Backlink Checker

Our pride and joy of this new update is the upgrades we’ve made to our backlink checker. When Keysearch was originally started, we had added the backlink checker as more of a bonus feature. As we expand Keysearch our goal is to make it your goto SEO tool. This means that our backlink checker needed to up its game and we did that big time.


The Keysearch Backlink Checker now shows more backlinks then ever before and thats not it! We’ve also added some other nice little features that should make your backlink searching a bit easier and more enjoyable.

There is now a pie chart showing the top incoming anchor texts with an option to view the top 20 incoming anchors. A new “Found Links Trend” chart showing you the rate at which backlinks are being found over time for the searched domain. As well as Domain, IP’s, Nofollow/Dofollow and link counts.

We’re also introducing our new very own metric called “Domain Strength”. This metric gives you an idea of the strength of the domain being searched as well as the strength of the domains linking to the searched site. As Keysearch continues to grow we will be expanding more on our Domain Strength metric and are hoping to eventually offer a “Link Strength” metric as well.

More Searches and More Keywords Tracked

It’s been a bit over a year since Keysearch was in beta. Since that time we’ve always been looking for ways to offer more to our users. There were 2 areas where we wanted to try and give users more… Research searches and rank tracking keywords. We just weren’t sure we had the resources. Now that Keysearch has grown we feel we are able to offer more research searches and rank tracking keywords for both our Starter and Pro packages.

Research Searches

The big bottleneck for offering more research searches was Keyword Planner searches. We are one of the few products out there that can get accurate up to date info from Keyword Planner in realtime and theres a reason for that. IT AIN’T EASY! This is the most resource intensive part of the tool. The other search options that use research credits aren’t as intensive like Google Suggest, Bing Suggest, Amazon Suggest, the backlink checker, competitors keywords ect…

So we came up with the idea of giving all plans more research credits and having Keyword Planner credits be worth 2 credits. All other search options will be worth 1 credit. So the Starter Plan now has 40 research credits and the Pro Plan now has 100 research credits. So you can do more backlink searches, Google suggest searches, competitor keyword searches ect… If you only want to do Keyword Planner searches then you still get the same amount of searches as before but with the option of more of everything else!

Track More Keywords

We realize that rank tracking is a big part of any SEO campaign. In our quest to be your goto SEO tool we felt we wanted to up your limits on tracking keywords as well. So in addition to getting more research credits you now get more keywords tracked as well. Starter Plans will get bumped to 40 tracked keywords and Pro Plans will now get 100. All of this at no extra charge to you!

Final Thoughts

2016 was a great year for us but we have big plans for 2017. This is just the start. We are working on some really cool things that we will be rolling out throughout the year. Thanks for being apart of the Keysearch family and hopefully these upgrades help start your new year off on the right foot!