New Features – Already Ranking Keywords, Amazon Suggest & Local Results View

Hey guys as usual we are working hard over here at Keysearch trying to make your keyword research experience the best it can be. So we’ve got a few great new features we are excited to announce!

Finding Keywords You Are Already Ranking For

Now when you enter a new URL into the Keysearch Rank Tracker it will go out and find keywords that you are already ranking in the top 100 for and allow you to choose whether to start tracking those keywords as well.

When you put in a URL you will see a green notification button.


When you click on the green notification button it will take you to a popup where you can view the keywords your URL is already ranking for. As well as allow you to choose which keywords you’d like to select, and which search engine you want to track them with. How cool is that!

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 11.12.30 AM

Amazon Suggest

Keysearch has added a new search type for generating keyword ideas, Amazon Suggest. When working on the research page, just change the search type to Amazon Suggest and you’re all set!


What is so great about this feature is unlike other suggest options, Amazon Suggest is very product focused. If your focus is on Amazon products or just products in general this will be a great way to generate new keyword ideas!

Local Results View

When researching local keywords you now may see our new Local Results View in addition to the usual keyword data. This gives you a snapshot of the current local results found in the Google “snack pack” and the local map. This way you get a better look at the local competition since Google Local results are at the top of the results.


This is a great addition to you SEO’s out there that focus mostly on local keywords. It really allows you to get a broader picture of the top SERP’s and the type of competition you will face.

Video Icons

For you SEO video hounds we’ve now made it easier than ever to know if videos are present in the top SERP’s. Now you will see a video icon in the URL field showing whether a video is present for the particular SERP result.


This allows you to see which results have videos at a quick glance and gives you a better idea of the type of competition you are up against.

More Features Coming….

As usual we are always adding new features at Keysearch so stay tuned as we have a lot more coming down the pipeline!