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Keysearch Affiliates

Become a Keysearch Affiliate

You can apply to our affiliate program at the link below. We choose JVZOO since it is one of the biggest affiliate networks on the web. This way you are assured that everything is tracked perfectly.

Affiliate Info

We offer recurring commissions ranging from 20-30% depending on subscription sold. This means you get paid every time the subscription re-bills, not just on the initial sale. One sale of $17, that re-bills for 6 months is $30 in commission on just 1 sale. Entice your readers with the 20% discount code KSDISC to use at checkout for 20% off any subscription.

Getting Started

Most affiliates are approved within 24 hours. After you apply you'll need to set up your JVZOOPay information and preference of how you'd like to get paid. Just log in to JVZOO and follow all the steps at this link Then you are ready to sell and get paid!

Affiliate Program Details

Payouts start once you've earned $50 in commissions after 5 separate sales.

You'll need to complete all JVZOOPay setup steps within your JVZOO account.

Buying through your own affiliate link is prohibited and will not generate commissions.

Running ads using the Keysearch name or implying relationship to Keysearch is prohibited.