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What is Rank Strength?

We are all familiar with metrics such as DA, PA, TF, CF, DR etc... These metrics are incredibly useful but can miss a huge part of the story. Many times, domains will have strong backlink profiles but due to either penalties or overall quality issues, the site is not as strong as these metrics suggest. Rank Strength solves this problem by letting you see the true power of a domain through Google's eyes.

Rank Strength is a calculation of keyword rankings and traffic figures to help you locate domains that Google truly loves, enabling you to not waste time building links on sites with seemingly great metrics and no Google love.

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Rank Strength in Depth

Rank Strength is a metric that can be used to really dig into a domain's value from Google's perspective. Although many domains will seemingly have great backlink metrics, the true value of how Google's sees those domains is usually a mystery. This mystery is what Rank Strength attempts to clear up.

Backlink metrics such as MOZ, Majestic and Ahrefs are only able to give you a representation of the incoming link power. But how do we know which links Google doesn't trust? How can we tell whether the domain has been penalized for low-quality content and thus their linking power is virtually worthless?

Rank Strength uses the domains keyword rankings to judge it's potential power. We use our database of over 100 million Google search results (updated 24/7) to calculate what keywords each domain is ranking for and how much estimated traffic the domain is receiving. It's a pretty safe bet that if a domain is ranking for thousands of keywords and driving huge amounts of traffic, then it's linking power would be pretty good as well!

How To Use Rank Strength

Rank Strength has many uses but the two main uses are for backlink building and keyword research.

For backlink building, we can use Rank Strength to see whether spending the time or money to gain a link is truly worth it. Have you ever hired a company or service to do link building? They offer things like "DA 30+ Backlink". Then when you get the link you realize the site just doesn't look right. Although the metrics look good, the site does not and the link never really helps. Rank Strength solves this. You can easily see whether these sites are truly worthy of their backlink metrics or just glorified PBN's. Maybe it's a site that was penalized long ago. All of this is easy to identify using Rank Strength.

When doing keyword research we can use Rank Strength (RS) to help us dive further into our competitors. Keysearch has this built in directly into the keyword research toolset. If a domain is ranking for just a handful of keywords and the RS is very low, this can be a huge sign that those keywords are easy to rank for. We can then load up all of the domains ranking keywords using Keysearch and pick off tons of easy to rank, low hanging fruit keywords.

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Don't Do SEO With Only Half The Story

In the SEO world, backlink metrics are all we've had to go on for years. Starting with Google's public Page Rank and now the industry standard metrics from companies like Moz and Majestic. These metrics are incredibly useful but have steered many of us wrong numerous times.

Keysearch's Rank Strength (RS) metric will give you another level of insight into any domain. When combined with the usual backlink metrics, you will have a full scope of the power of any website like you've never had before. Don't continue backlink building or doing keyword research with only half the story. Use our free Rank Strength tool above or signup for Keysearch for more advance rank strength features and our entire SEO toolset!

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