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The Keysearch Etsy Keyword Tool and Tag Generator is 100% free to use. We gather keywords recommended directly from Etsy to provide you with product, title and tag ideas for your Etsy shop/product listings. The keyword tool also provides search volume taken directly from Google Adwords to help you determine what may be the most searched keywords on Etsy.

Using the keyword tool allows you to take a glimpse into keywords that Etsy sees as related to your seed term. These keywords can contain answers as to what are the most searched and bought items on Etsy. Most sellers have not done proper keyword research, so why not take advantage of certain opportunities or keywords that may not have been properly utilized by your competition.

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Incorporating Etsy SEO Into Your Etsy Shop

Selling your products on Etsy is a popular and easy way to generate revenue for your homemade products and online business. But have you considered whether or not you are leaving money on the table by not optimizing your Esty page? You might be missing out on key opportunities to increase your sales by utilizing proper search engine optimization (SEO) strategies within your site.

What Is Etsy SEO?

When a customer comes to Etsy to shop, they use a variety of search terms to pull up the products they want to review. These search terms are the main way that Etsy customers are able to find your page and hopefully buy your products.

By incorporating Etsy SEO into your seller page, you can help ensure your products rank at the top of the search results based on the keywords that a customer inputs into the site. Esty uses a complicated algorithm that helps to sort through the numerous seller pages and items within its site to appropriately rank what a customer is searching for.

By concentrating on your title and keyword tags, you can give your listing the best chance to rank higher than your competitor, making it more likely that you get the sale instead of them.

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How To Do Etsy SEO

How To Do Etsy SEO?

As mentioned above, Etsy SEO helps you to rank higher within the Etsy search and increase the number of customers that see your page and buy your products. Below are some quick and easy steps to help boost your Etsy SEO.

Incorporate Keywords Into Your Product Titles

Etsy has a number of ways that it ranks its sellers’ shop pages. One of the easiest and effective ways to rank high in a customer search is to focus on the title of your products. These titles need to incorporate keywords, which can be determined by using an Etsy keyword tool like the one above.

Etsy SEO tools such as the keyword tool above will generate the most popular terms a customer will use when searching for products like yours. When you have determined the essential keywords for the products you are selling, you can start to incorporate them into your titles.

You can use commas or dashes to separate your keywords for clarity but be sure that they accurately reflect the product you are selling. Don’t forget to use long-tail keywords that incorporate phrases that your customers will typically use to search for your products.

Add Keyword Tags To Your Etsy Site

While Etsy does look at a number of features within your Etsy shop, it does take significant consideration into the product tags that you use. These Etsy tags provide a description of your products and help to integrate even more Etsy keywords into your Etsy page.

Since you have used our Etsy keyword tool to find the right keywords for your product titles, you can now use more of these keywords as your product tags. Etsy allows you to select 13 tags that are up to 20 characters in length.

You will want to use as many keyword tags as you can so you get the maximum SEO benefit. Choose keywords that accurately reflect the products that you are selling and would be used by your customers to find your products. Don't just incorporate irrelevant tags as this may end up hurting your shop listing.

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Why Is Keyword Research Important For Etsy Sellers?

By using an Etsy keyword tool, you take a lot of the guesswork out of what keywords people search for and are necessary to describe your products. An Etsy keyword tool will automatically generate these search terms to ensure you have the best titles and tags that will help your Etsy shop rank as high as possible.

For an Etsy seller, this is important as it will help more customers find your Etsy page. Without doing proper keyword research for your shop, you run the risk of getting buried underneath your competitors. Not only will this cause you to lose out on revenue, but it will be much harder for you to promote your products to the right customer.

Incorporating the proper keywords enables you to give better descriptions and create more compelling posts about your product. This will give even more SEO benefit for both Etsy and other search engines as well.

Etsy Keyword Research
Optimizing Your Shop For Etsy And Google

Optimizing Your Shop For Etsy And Google

Optimizing your Etsy shop for both Etsy and Google takes a little more effort on your part but can pay off big in the end. Any optimization done for Etsy will also help with Google but with Google, you will want to also take the search volume numbers into account. This is the number of searches happening per month for the specific keywords on Google.

Since is such a powerful website in Google's eyes, it's easier to rank your products using your Etsy listings than it would be with your own website. Many times, a customer will search Google for the item they are looking to buy. Making sure you have these keyword titles and tags incorporated into your Etsy shop can give you a better chance of ranking high in a Google search.

You can use Keysearch to find the SEO Competition (also known as keyword difficulty). Then target keywords with mid-high search volume and a low SEO competition score. This will give you a better chance of getting your listings to show up on Google and drive in even more buyer traffic.

Be sure to only use the keyword terms that define your products on Etsy. Once again using irrelevant keywords or spamming the titles or tags of your listing will either get your site penalized in the search results or at best drive traffic to your Etsy shop that will not convert into buyers. Only keywords that properly describe your Etsy products will bring buying customers and help to increase your revenue.

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Esty Tags Can Help Bring Customers

While an Etsy keyword tool will provide you with the most effective way to generate a list of keywords to use in your Etsy title and tags, you need to consider how they will work with your Etsy shop.

Using descriptive keywords that define your products are best. For example, if you have a coffee wall art-themed Etsy shop, you may want to use SEO keywords that accurately depict this idea. Keywords such as coffee, beans, coffee-themed art, coffee signs, coffee pictures, pictures of coffee cups, etc., can help you to reach your potential buyers better.

Doing proper Etsy SEO all starts with an Etsy keyword tool. A good keyword tool helps provide you with the keywords you need to rank in both Etsy and Google. With the end result hopefully bringing in customers that are looking for your product and helping you to close the deal and get that sale.

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