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Our free Amazon keyword tool allows you to see relevant keywords taken straight from Amazon's own keyword suggestion feature. We combine that with Google keyword search volume data, giving you an overview of the popularity of each search to make your Amazon keyword research tasks as easy as possible.

Keyword Research to Help Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing

As you look to post your products on Amazon, you may notice that you are not getting the traction that you thought you would. This could be happening because your Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) is lacking, and you need to spend time concentrating on finding the right keywords to help you bring in more buyers to your listings. Or you may be in search of finding niche products to sell. By incorporating the free keyword research tool above and the tips below you'll be well on your way to identifying profitable niches and improving the visibility of your listings in the Amazon search results.

Find Relevant Amazon Keywords and Product Ideas

What Is Amazon SEO?

In the simplest terms, Amazon SEO is the ability to craft your product listing so that Amazon’s algorithm, A9, can crawl your page and determine where it should be listed during a search on its website. The more relevant, informative, and descriptive your product listing is, the higher your product will rank with A9.

Now, if you choose to ignore Amazon SEO practices, you will find that your products will have a hard time making it on the front page of the search results and instead are relegated to the last pages within a search. Using the proper keyword research techniques can help boost your product listing to the top page of Amazon. Customers find you when they type in a keyword search so knowing the best keywords to target for the search queries is important.

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Why is Amazon SEO Important

Why Is Amazon SEO Important?

Amazon SEO is key to the success of your product. Without it, your sales may be diminished, and you will find that your listings are not visible to the consumers that want to buy your products. You want your customers to be able to access your product listing page on Amazon, and SEO techniques are one of the best ways to ensure they see you.

Without employing SEO specific to Amazon into your product listing, you will find that you are not getting the reach with your customer base that you thought you would. When a customer searches for a specific product on Amazon, they tend to choose products that show up on the first few pages of results. The majority of clicks to product listings go to these first page results.

Consumers do not have the time or energy to search through multiple listings when what they want is already in front of them. You need to make sure that they see your listing ahead of your competitors.

Beyond being able to find your product listing on Amazon, your customers may also be more trusting of a product that comes up on the first page of the site. Your business may seem more reputable, and shoppers will be more apt to buy from you. In addition, much of Amazon's traffic comes directly from Google. Any SEO that you do for Amazon should only help with Google as well. This makes it even more imperative that you incorporate keyword research & SEO to improve your search ranking.

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How To Optimize Your Amazon Product Listing?

There are several techniques that you can use to improve your Amazon ranking. Amazon’s A9 algorithm will see that your product listing is more informative and spot on with what a customer is looking for on the site. Try these tips for improving your Amazon SEO.

Use An Amazon Keyword Tool

The easiest way to improve your Amazon product listing is to take advantage of keyword research tools and Amazon keyword generators for your product listing. This will allow you to find the words and phrases that customers are searching for on the e-commerce site. Adding these keyword phrases to your product description and title can help buyers find your products and help you to rank higher with A9.

Optimize Your Product Title

You’ll want to also write an Amazon title that accurately describes your product and helps it to rank during a customer search. Using words such as "best" or "top" will not help your results; instead, use relevant keywords that you have found through the keyword research process to make it easier for A9 to recognize what exactly you should be ranking for.

Improve Your Product Description

Take a good hard look at your Amazon product description. You need to ask yourself if it is informative enough. Does it have all the details that a buyer would look for when making a buying decision? Take advantage of the bullet points and take the time to explain the benefits of your product. The more details you include, the more informative A9 will deem your product listing, which will help bring it to the top of searches.

Improve Your Product Photos

You’ll also want to ensure that you have the best photos possible on your Amazon product listing. A9 takes this into account and may demote you if you don’t use photos, or if the photos are not high quality. Use professional photos and make sure to show your product at all angles. This can give buyers all the information they need to pull the trigger and buy from you.

Take Advantage Of Your Backend Keywords

You’ll also want to take advantage of using backend keywords as part of your product listing. These keywords are not visible to buyers but are a string of phrases that they may search for. You can add phrases and keywords that didn’t seem to fit with your product listing but are still relevant to ensure that you have a chance to rank for these words during a customer's search.

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Choosing The Right Amazon Niche

Choosing a niche has two meanings here. If you don't have a product to sell you'll want to find keywords with high search volume and low competition. This is where our tool Keysearch can help. Although it's focused mainly on Google competition, it will still give you a good idea of how competitive and popular products on Amazon might be.

For those who already have products to sell choosing a niche will mean identifying the appropriate category. There are several categories that you can list your product under within Amazon. This gives you the ability to choose what categories will show your product during a search. It also allows you to dig deep into your product niche and ensure that the right customers see your products based on A9’s recommendations.

However, you will want to be smart about the categories that you select as too many can cause A9 to deem your product as not relevant and too little may not be specific enough to ensure that you come up in the right category when searched.

The more specific you are about your product niche, the more likely your product is to get in front of the customers that really want to buy your products. This will make it easier to get a sale and entice the right buyer for your product offering.

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Helping Buyers Find Your Listing

Keyword research, keyword tools, and proper Amazon SEO are just an ends to a means. The end goal is to get more buyer's eyes on your products and listings. These tools just give you more data to make the best decisions and listings possible in order to do that.

Amazon, like Google, is smart. They aim to put the listings that are most likely to sell at the top of the search results and in front of the most buyers. They make money when these products sell so they have every incentive to show more of the products with the best chance to sell.

Give Amazon what it wants. A highly optimized listing, with plenty of detail, quality photos, and relevant, descriptive keywords. Amazon wants products that sell so utilize the Amazon keyword tools and research available to you to help them do that with your listings.

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