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Welcome to the Keysearch eBay Keyword Generator. This is a simple, and completely free keyword research tool designed specifically for finding keywords that are searched on eBay. We use eBay's own auto-suggest algorithm combined with search volume data to find the most popular keywords for specific topics on eBay.

Using an eBay keyword tool like our keyword generator can help you find the best keywords to use in your eBay item listing for eBay SEO benefits as well as finding long tail keywords that you can target that other sellers might not be aware of.

eBay Keywords: Making The Most Of Your eBay Listing

Selling on eBay can come with a lot of decisions especially when it comes to keyword choices. You want to sell your product but aren't sure that it will rank high enough in eBay’s search engine to get a buyer’s attention. In the guide below we will show you ways that you can help boost your eBay search engine optimization (SEO) and ensure you are maximizing your potential to be at the top of the list when a shopper does a search.

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What Is eBay SEO?

For starters, you need to understand what eBay SEO is. This is the way that you create your product listing that will ensure that eBay’s search engine, Cassini, reads and ranks it as relevant. We are all familiar with Google SEO but with eBay SEO some of the rules are different. Unlike traditional search engines. Cassini displays duplicate content – products that are the same – but it puts them in order of most useful.

Cassini uses a series of criteria to determine if your eBay product listing should be at the top of the page or further down in the rankings. Cassini looks at your product title, item details, eBay categories, and catalog listings. This is why keyword research for eBay is important. There are components that decide how valuable your content is to a buyer and whether or not you will make the cut by Cassini.

Why Do You Need eBay SEO?

There are several reasons that you need to optimize your eBay product listing. The obvious, of course, is because you want to sell products. Shoppers on eBay are more akin to buy items that rank higher on their search than spending the time to scroll through hundreds of products that look similar to what they are already seeing.

With a lower eBay product ranking, you will find that your sales aren’t nearly as strong as you had hoped or as high as they could be. Consumers are fickle, and they don’t want to take the time or energy to search multiple listings when they can find what they are looking for in the top few items listed.

There is also a trust factor that you need to consider when creating an eBay SEO product listing. Product listings that are ranked at the top of eBay create more trust with the buyer as they tend to think they are higher quality products or from a more reputable seller. You may be both trustworthy and reputable, but if your eBay product listing doesn’t rank high enough, the buyer won’t immediately think so.

What Is eBay SEO?
How To Optimize Your eBay Product Listing?

How To Optimize Your eBay Product Listing?

Now, that you understand why you need SEO on your eBay product listing, here are some ways that you can improve your ranking with a Cassini search. Try these steps to increase your visibility on eBay and promote your products to the top of the leaderboard with shoppers.

Use an eBay Keyword Generator

The first step in making your product listing rank higher is to use an eBay keyword generator like the one above. This can help you find the relevant keywords that consumers are using to search for your product and develop a keyword list to use in your listings. These keywords will not only be made up of one word, but they will also take on phrases that are being used to search for a particular item. Choose keywords that are descriptive and are useful when searching for your products so your customers can find your items easier.

Choose Quality Images

You will also want to use quality images to display your products. These images should show detail, and having multiple angles of your product will help too. Cassini can recognize when you have gone above and beyond to provide your buyers with as much detail as possible through photos to help with their purchasing decision.

Write An Enticing And Informative Product Listing

Your product listing is key to the success of your eBay listing. You will want to take the time to make your product listing informative and detailed. Give as much information as you can about your item and keep it entertaining at the same time. Remember, Cassini looks for content that is geared toward the buyer and will provide them with the information they are looking for when searching for the right product to buy.

Don’t Forget About Your Seller Page

You will also want to create a seller page that promotes your business. Show yourself off a bit and tell buyers what they can expect when they make a purchase from you. Use keywords and keep it informative. The more information you put in your seller profile, the greater of a connection you can make with a potential buyer that is looking for a reputable seller to purchase products from.

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How to Do Keyword Research For eBay SEO

Keyword research for eBay is can be similar to the type of keyword research you'd do for Google SEO. You want to find keywords that people are searching for and that are not overly saturated with product listings. This will give you the best chance to rank high in eBay's search engine.

It doesn't stop there though. Since your eBay listing can show up in Google results, you may want to keep an eye on the Google competition as well. Sites like eBay and Amazon tend to rank well in Google for product listings so by doing proper keyword research you can piggyback on this and drive in some extra traffic to your listing. Tools like Keysearch are perfect for not only finding eBay keywords but determining the Google SEO competition as well.

How to Do Keyword Research For eBay SEO
Choosing The Right eBay Niche

Choosing The Right eBay Niche

Your eBay niche can also help you rise to the top of a search. There are several categories that you can select from on eBay to categorize your products, helping you to be found a little easier. Using categories to your advantage can help you distinguish, for example, if you are a health, fitness or dietary product or if you sell apparel, who it is designed for and what type of applications it is made for.

You may be tempted to choose several categories that fit your product, but you need to remember that Cassini is intuitive and will reduce your ranking if you try to overcompensate for SEO with a large range of product categories.

Choose your categories judicially and make sure that you narrow down as specifically as possible what you are selling. The more specific and detailed you are about your product categories, the easier it will be for a buyer to find you and purchase your product because it is exactly what they need.

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eBay Keyword Research Can Deliver Results

As you look to list your product on eBay, keep these tips and tricks for eBay SEO in mind. Remember, it starts with doing proper keyword research and ends with a solid product listing description. Without one or the other, your Cassini search listing will suffer, putting you at the mercy of your competitors and lost revenue.

By taking these initial steps before posting your items for sale you will be increasing your chances of a successful and more profitable product listing. eBay, just like Google is a search engine and keywords are the backbone of any search engine.

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