Finding Competitors Keywords

One of the most underused and highly powerful features of Keysearch is the ability to find and analyze keywords your competitors are already ranking for. This info can give you an incredible leg up on your competition. Since many Keysearch users are unaware of how powerful this feature is I thought i’d do a quick overview of some of the benefits.

For those who don’t know where to find this feature, just head on over to the research page. Then you can change the drop down menu showing the search type to “Competitors Keywords”.


What this feature will do is go out and find keywords that your competitors are already ranking in the top 100 of Google. It will also only return keywords that have search volume. Keywords that have no search volume won’t be included since there is not much value for those keywords.

Finding Hidden Gem Keywords

Now let’s talk about why this is such a powerful feature. First it is a great way to brainstorm and find other keywords you should be targeting. No matter how much keyword research you do, you’ll never uncover all the hidden gem keywords that are out there. So why not use your competitors to help you along! Nothing wrong with having the inside track on great keywords.

You’ll be surprised at how many keywords and topics you may have never thought of that your competitors are already bringing in traffic for. This may also open your eyes to smaller niches within your niche that you didn’t even know existed. All in all it’s just a great way to start broadening the topics you are targeting and get even more ideas flowing.

Giving Google What it Wants

These keywords also will usually be highly relevant to your niche. It’s like having a direct line into Google’s algorithm. If these are keywords that your competitors (who are already ranking well on Google) are also ranking for, then this is giving you insight into the type of content Google is looking for within this niche.

So by adding more content targeting these keywords you’re not only going to have the opportunity to bring in more traffic but you’ll also be giving Google what it wants. Which is always going to help your site tremendously in the long run. Not just for these newly targeted keywords but also the authority of your site, helping to boost all of your rankings. These are basically low hanging fruit keywords that Google is begging you to take!

Keywords That We Can Rank

Another thing to factor in is that unless your competitors are big time authority sites, then we have just come across a ton of keywords that we CAN rank for. If your competitors can rank for them, you can too. This can really expedite the process of bringing in free traffic through Google. We have a list of keywords that CAN be ranked. So rather than wasting time on keywords we have no idea whether we will ever rank for, we can use our competitors keywords to show us the way to some easy rankings. Which in turn is free traffic!

Not to say that every keyword your competitors are ranking for will be a piece of cake to rank but will have a general idea of what is possible. This way we can build a better overall plan of whats worth targeting and whats not. We can also see if our competitors are ranking any of the tougher keywords we may have been after. This will also give us a better idea as to whether those are even worth trying for. If none of our competitors are able to pull in traffic for those keywords do we stand a chance?

Final Thoughts

Spying on your competitors keywords is going to give you a much broader picture of your niche. Many times we all have a tendency to think we are on the right track as to what to target but now we have it all laid out right in front of us for the taking. There is no reason to let your competitors get all this free traffic that can easily be yours too. Why not take advantage of such incredibly powerful information!