Uncovering Hidden Google Suggest Keywords

One of the coolest and least used features of Keysearch is the ability to use an underscore as a wildcard for Google Suggest searches. What this means is wherever you place an underscore Google Suggest will automatically fill in the underscore with relevant keyword phrases that you would most likely not have found otherwise. I personally love this technique and its a great way to generate keyword ideas when I am having a bit of trouble coming up with ideas on my own. So lets take an example.

Using The Underscore To Get Ideas

In this example lets say I am looking to target products. Normally maybe I would generate ideas by searching Google Suggest for things like cheap tvs for sale, cheap phones for sale or something like that. Now those would be specific searches and I’d probably need to do a lot of them to find some winners. With this technique we are just going to replace the 2nd word with an underscore. So “cheap _ for sale”. Now lets take a look.


You’ll see that Google automatically filled in the underscore with many high traffic keyword phrases without us needing to be specific in what we’ve searched. Now how cool is that!

We can even do this at the beginning of phrases which is extremely useful. For example “_ discount”.


I think you can start seeing just how valuable a feature like this is. Not only for generating keyword ideas but also drilling down specifically and finding great hidden keywords in your niche. There are really infinite possibilities as to how you can use this feature. It opens up tons of keyword research opportunities that you just wouldn’t find with a regular Keyword Planner search.

We are basically using Google’s brain power to help us find great hidden keywords. Keep in mind that this feature is exclusive to Google Suggest and won’t work with the other search types.