New Youtube Research – Difficulty Checker & Competition Analysis

We’re excited to announce a new feature to Keysearch. Its our new Youtube Research section which features Youtube keyword research, difficulty scores and competition analysis. The section is similar to our regular keyword research section but focuses on ranking on Youtube.

Youtube can be a huge driving force for traffic and many SEO’s, internet marketers and businesses don’t take into account just how powerful Youtube can be. Ranking videos in the top 10 for highly searched relevant keywords can not only drive tons of traffic to your sites but the video itself can also be a profit generator with ad revenue. Not to mention the SEO benefits of having a highly shared video that links back to your site. There are so many benefits and we are really happy to now be able to offer Youtube research into your keyword research campaigns.

Youtube Research

You’ll notice the Youtube research section is setup with the same easy to use interface as our normal keyword research section. You can filter, bulk check, save keywords, compare keywords and export just like normal. You also have the 3 tabs, Research, Difficulty and My Lists.


The difference is that instead of checking the top 10 Google results, the Youtube competition analysis uses the top 10 videos ranking on Youtube and breaks down their stats. You’ll notice it has age, views, likes, dislikes, comments, title match and description match. It also tells you the amount of videos currently competing for the search term. So in this example its 104 videos.


The difficulty score takes into account all these factors and uses a complex algorithm that weights these different stats to get an overall difficulty competition score for the keyword telling you how difficult that keyword would be to rank in the top 10 videos on Youtube. It even takes into account things like likes to dislikes ratio.

You can check out a quick video showing a rundown of the some of the features below.