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Google Trends

Finding Niche Ideas

You are all set to dive headfirst into building a brand new website but you realize… “Wait, I don’t have any ideas for a niche!” Unfortunately, this is very common since finding a niche these days can be a harder process than you might expect. Even the best brainstormers have days where they come up short on ideas. So the question is how to find profitable niche ideas in 2020?

The usual advice people will give is to look around. What are some things in the room you are in? What hobbies do you have? What hobbies do your friends have? Many times this can get the ideas flowing but sometimes we need to dig a bit deeper. This is exactly why we created our Niche Ideas Brainstorm Tool, to help you uncover niches you may not have known about or never would have thought of otherwise.

Untapped Niche Market and Micro Niches

Our goal with any niche site is to have a high traffic to time investment ratio. By that I mean we want to drive as much traffic as possible while minimizing how much effort and resources we need to put in to gain that traffic. That is the benefit of going after micro niches and profitable niche markets.

What Are Micro Niches?

Micro niches are smaller, sub-niches that are not yet oversaturated and dominated by many big websites. They are usually sub-niches within a larger niche. By targeting these micro niches it gives us a shot at being a big fish in a small pond rather than the other way around.

The biggest mistake people make when brainstorming niche ideas is thinking too big. We want to find these micro niche and untapped niche market ideas by getting specific and thinking small, so to speak. Small niches tend to have people who are very passionate about the topics.

For example, say you love golf. Golf is a huge niche and very competitive. Trying to brainstorm niche ideas around the term Golf will probably lead you nowhere. We need to start getting specific. Things like "lefty golf clubs" or "golfing instruction for lefty golfers." These would be considered micro niches. Creating a site about, and ranking for these smaller topics is much easier.

One quick rule of thumb that's easy to follow. If you can't find a domain name in your niche because they are all taken, then most likely your niche is too broad or competitive.

Niches You Can Monetize & Write About

Having a successful niche site will require time, effort and resources no matter how small the market or easy the competition. This is why we want to make sure that the niche can be profitable, and that developing content for the niche won't be a horrible, painstaking process. If the topic doesn't interest or intrigue you, it's going to be very hard to have the proper motivation needed to dominate the niche.

Before choosing any niche you are going to dedicate the next few months if not years to, we need to ensure that the niche can make us money. We want to check if there are affiliate programs available that will work well with this niche. In our example, "golfing instruction for lefty golfers" we can use Amazon or a load of other affiliate programs that sell golf equipment or golf offers.

You may also want to check Google and see if ads show up for the bigger keywords within the niche. If you are not seeing ads then it usually means there is little to no advertising going on within that niche. So things like Google Adsense wouldn't even be much help in turning your niche site profitable. If you are having trouble figuring out how you'd monetize your niche idea then it may be best to skip the niche altogether.

Where To Find Profitable Niche Ideas?

Google Trends

Google trends is usually a great place to start. If you unsure how to use Google Trends check out our post here: How To Use Google Trends To Find Trending Keywords. It's a handy keyword tool and can be invaluable to your online business.

You’ll see a list of all the top trending topics on Google. It allows you to search and filter by category. Usually, you’ll see mostly news items or other topics that might not make for a great niche but sprinkled in there you’ll definitely find some solid topics to build a niche around. Many of these might be completely untouched niche markets. Keep in mind that many marketers have made huge amounts of money capitalizing on niches like celebrity news, politics, gossip things of that nature. At first glance, some topics may seem totally out of the question but with a little creativity almost any topic can be a money maker.

For example, create a website, Instagram or facebook page about the latest political scandals. Since this is a passionate topic for many people, these pages tend to garner incredible amounts of views quickly. You can then monetize these pages with t-shirts and other offers as time goes on. Just an idea!

Google Trends Niche Ideas
Amazon Movers Niche Ideas

Amazon Movers

For those of you who do affiliate marketing, drop shipping or love product based niches, Amazon allows you to see what the current hot selling items are, and also breaks them down into categories. This is an incredible place to get great niche ideas.

When looking for product based niches Amazon is definitely where you want to begin. You can really dig into certain categories and find tons of different products that are currently selling well. There are plenty of marketers out there who solely use Amazon best sellers to generate niche ideas and endlessly churn out profitable niche websites. For product marketers, this is kind of like the holy grail for niche ideas.

Amazon best sellers can set you off for hours, looking through different categories, products etc… It is absolutely a great resource but may take some time to sift through and find something that works for you.

Virtually anyone can become an Amazon affiliate which means any product ideas you find are easy to monetize. Competition can be fierce for product based niches so you might want to focus on new items that are starting to gain steam. These niches may be easier to break through.

Twitter Trending

Twitter trends may not offer the most ideas right away. Many times it may offer not much at all but it is always worth checking. Twitter is the news feed of the world so it's another good way to generate nice ideas for currently hot topics. It’s always changing, even a few hours after you last checked there might be a great topic that pops up.

Using Twitter and other social media for niche idea generation may surprise you. When you have your thinking cap on you can really capitalize on some ready to monetize, profitable niches that everyone else may not have discovered yet. Twitter can help you be at the forefront of the market. Not to mention it's an incredible way to generate blog ideas and topics to write about.

Popular topics can be made to fit anywhere. Is there a big event coming up that everyone is talking about? Incorporate it into your next blog post in order to capitalize on the current interest. Big brands do this all the time. Think of how they utilize the super bowl and incorporate their products to ride the pop culture wave.

Twitter Trending Niche Ideas

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Your Brain is Your Best Friend

Hopefully after checking the sites above you have already come up with a few ideas and have gotten your brain thinking. You can also start throwing whatever half-decent ideas you have into our search engines suggestion box to really get the brainstorm rolling. This will spit out tons more ideas related to whatever you're searching.

Remember to think outside the box. Don’t dismiss a topic right away. Take a few seconds to challenge yourself and see if you can figure out how to possibly make that throw away topic something great with a little creativity. Some of the best niche sites are on topics that at first glance, would never have thought twice about.

Of course, if you want to take your keyword research and niche discovery to another level make sure to sign up here at Keysearch. We have a full suite of tools to help you not only discover great, profitable niche ideas but also help you dominate your competition!

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