New Brainstorm Feature!

Hey guys we just released a cool little feature called “Brainstorm”. This feature is to help brainstorm keyword and niche ideas. Many times the hardest part of any SEO or marketing campaign is getting the ideas flowing so with Brainstorm we tried to incorporate some of the best ways to generate ideas all in one place.

When you load up the brainstorm page you’ll see the 3 tables. Twitter Trends, Amazon Movers and Google Trends.


Twitter Trends

This is the topics that are currently most trending on Twitter. It’s a great way to see what topics are currently “hot” and have many people talking about them. This is a great idea generator if you are looking for new fresh ideas.

Amazon Movers

This is a selection of some of the best moving products on Amazon. If you are an Amazon affiliate or just looking to see what products are selling best right now this should give you a good glimpse. If you want to dive even further into more Amazon Movers you can click the link and browse each different category in-depth.

Google Trends

This shows you the top trending keywords on Google. Sometimes this can land you some gem topics that are getting traffic right now!

Quick Search Suggestion Generator

Possibly one of the best parts of the Brainstorm feature is the quick search suggestion generator. This uses no credits at all. You can search it as many times as you like and generate tons of ideas for your niche from major sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon and Ebay! This is perfect for not only trying to generate new niche ideas but also finding ideas to expand out your current niche.


Below is a video that goes over the Brainstorm feature in more detail. Hope you enjoy!



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